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is some hope for the future with a career here. here is dan hellie with this morning's "sports minute." >>> good morning. your "sports minute" starts with the nationals. they snapped the three-game slide in new york. zirmman, he is playing well. 30th home run of the season. mike mcdougal picks up his 16th save. nationals beat the mets 6-5. >>> to football. saturday night redskins night here on news4. we start with redskins show time and doc walker and mike wise joining lindsay and me. we are talking skins. that starts at 7:00 and followed by the jim zorn show at 7:30. >>> down a few levels to high school. last night rolled over friendship collegiate. michael merriweather looking good saying get out of my way. 45-12. in sue land kelly takes tonight from 20 yards out. suitland shuts out northwestern 21-0. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >>> if youre heading out to the redskins home opener there are some things you should know whether you are taking the train or driving. metro promises to have more trains running for fans and that includes tho
and players are gearing up tomorrow's big game. dan hellie has more in you "sports minute." >>> good saturday morning, everybody. your "sports minute" starts with the redskins and say what you will about the redskins' preseason. jim zorn accomplished his main goal and that was to keep everyone healthy. all of the guys practiced all week long and they will be ready for the giants. no excuses. they are playing with a full deck. they are, however, still 6 1/2 point underdog. don't forget the premiere of our new show "redskins showtime" which is tonight at 7:00 followed by "the jim zorn show." michael jordan inducted into the hall of fame last night. >>> on the diamond, nationals in miami taking on the marlins. ad jon dunn hits home run number 37 and nats knock off the fish 5-3. that's a winning streak, two in a row for the nationals. high school football, dunbar taking on eastern and man, did they roll. the crimson tide all over the ram blers. dunbar downed eastern 54-6. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. have a great saturday. >>> 6:07 is your time now. 60 degrees. coming up after a d
on the injury report. dan hellie has this morning's "sports minute." >>> good morning, everybody. "sports minute" begins with the nationals. you have to feel for john land. he is the nats best pitcher. seven innings last night and didn't allow a single earned run against the braves. his reard, how about his 1th loss of the season. 101 for the nationals. their defense, suisse cheesesque as they fall to the braves. football, redskins injury report yesterday contained a bit of a surprise. clinton portis listed as questionable for the lions game. portis struggling with bone burs in both ankles. jim zorn says c.p. will be on the field sunday. portis will be running behind the right guard that has never played before. chad will get the start and suit up for his first nfl game. high school football. game of the week. lovely sandy spring, maryland. the warriors shut out the colonels. they extend their winning streak to 18 games. they came out strong. very first possession. taking the inside handoff. finds open space and cuts it back right about here. and 59-yard touchdown. sherwood shuts out magruder 10
. >>> the nats and orioles get beat and redskins have tough decisions to make. dan hellie wraps it up in your "sports minute." >>> good morning, everybody. your "sports minute" starts with the nationals and losing streak at seven. that ties their season long. derek mott gave up six runs in three innings of work. the nats fall to the marlins same two teams today. baltimore, similar story. tillman gave up five runs in six innings and tillman's counterpart with texas, scott feldman p. tied a rangers club record with his 11th road win of the season. rangers beat the o's 5-1. >>> at the u.s. open on the women's side. both venus and serena williams advanced to the fourth round with straight-set victories. on the men's side, number two seed, andy murray advanced to the third round with a four-set win. in football, today cutdown day ti r einthskeds haveil the redskins have until 4:00 p.m. to make their final cut. >> we will have more sports later this hour. 66 degrees outside. coming up yale strunts used to being near the top of the rankings. but young women at the ivy league school are finding thems
their roster. dan hellie has more in your sports minute. >> good morning, everybody, your sports minute begins with the redskins. the skins trimmed their roster to the final 53. there were some surprises. some local guys made the team. free agent edwin williams out of maryland makes the squad. byron westbrook who also played his high school ball just like williams makes the squad. and marcus mason from georgetown prep makes the final 53. the redskins cut chase daniels. they put colt brennan on the injured reserve. >>> to college football. the terps out in california taking on the cal golden bears. the terps got down early bay couple of scores and they failed to rally. maryland falls in berkeley, california. >>> navy traveled to columbus, ohio, to take on ohio state, and the mids almost pulled off the upset. they had a chance to tie the game with under 3 minutes to go. all they needed was a two-point conversion. instead, ricky dobbss intercepted and brian roll takes it all the way back the other way for a two-point score. the buckeyes win 31-27 over navy. >>> in baseball, the nats lose again. y
-7. dan hellie has more on this redskins team that seems to like to live on the edge. >> the redskins continue to live dangerously with a 2-point win over one of the worst teams in the nfl. facts are facts. 2, 12 or 20 points it's still a win and the relief in the locker room outweighed the frustration of not being able to find the end zone. >> we got to start scoring points to win football games. i guess -- i thought everybody was frustrated on our sideline and it's something that we'll definitely have to continue to address. >> we won but we won in such an ugly fashion that, i mean, you don't take pride in that win. this is a great team. hats off to them. this wasn't the same team we saw last week on film. but at the same time when you play the way we played and keep giving the team an opportunity to get back in the game -- >> i have a different look. i'll take a win any way we can get it. we'd like to run by 300 yard and pass and win by 50 but we moved the ball effectively but just couldn't produce in the red zone. a win is a win. i'll take it and be happy with it. >> there seems t
for the giants. here's dan hellie with your sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with the redskins. the guys, of course, getting ready for the giants on sunday. and the good news for the redskins, they don't have a single player on the injury list today. no excuses for the skins. they are 6 1/2 point underdogs to the g-menn the season opener on sunday in new york. >>> the regular season kicked off in earnest last night in pittsburgh. the defending champs hose particular the titans. it was a defensive struggle that went to overtime. i would like to personally thank jeff reed for ending it early in o.t. with a 33-yard field goal. the steelers win the opener 13-10. >>> on the diamond, it'she nats and the phillies. ian desmond made his major league debut last night and what a night it was. desmond hit his first major league home run and finished 2 for 4 with 4 rbi. the nationals hang on to win 8-7. >>> that's your sports minute. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great friday. >> well, strong winds last night caused some damage in woodley park. a huge tree fell on top o
they have their number two wide receiver. dan hellie has all your dedays in sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. we're talking redskins. head coach jim zorn named malcolm kelly his number two receiver yesterday. kelly consistently performed like a starter throughout the preseason and gives the redskins that big body they've been looking for. >>> meanwhile, on the diamond, nats taking on the phillies and with the game tied at 4 in the eighth, jason wirth getting big. his 33rd home run of the season, and the phillies win it 6-5. they have seven solo home runs in the last two days. >>> in tennis, it's the u.s. open quarterfinal match between 17-year-old melanie oudin and 19-year-old caroline wozniacki. oudin had 42 unforced errors. wozniacki, the danish teenager wins it 6-2, 6-2. >>> in soccer, d.c. united hosting kansas city last night. emilio scored his ninth goal of the season. the black and red hang on to beat the wizards 1-0. d.c. united sits in a two way tie for third place in the eastern conference. that's your sports minute. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great day. >> hurrica
into the end zone. dan hellie heard from the quarterback and the coach. >> reporter: the redskins living dangerouy but they did get the win. offensively they moved the ball almost at will, but they were allergic to the end zone, settling on three field goals. jason campbell once again solid and for a second straight game, chris cooley was his leading receiver. cooley had seven catches for 73 yards, including this one that set up a first quarter field goal up. up 9-7 now, late in the fourth quarter, the redskins going for it on fourth and one on the 2. but they don't make it. so the rams get the ball back with just under 2:00 to go. this is when the redskins' defense stepped up. pressuring marc bulger and forcing four straight incomplete four passes. the redskins 9-7 winners. it was ugly but they will take it. >> it's hard to win in the nfl. any time you get a win, you take it for what it's worth and you move on and get ready for next week. we lost tohem 17-15. you would wrath beer the opposite end of im, trying to improve your season or rather be on the winning side of it and say, let's
opener. >> the skins lose to the giants 23-17. some of you saw it. here's dan hellie with your sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with the redskins and it is just one game, but it is more of the same. the redskins' offense didn't score a touchdown until two minutes to go in the ball game. they lose to the giants in their season opener 23-17. let's go up to the meadowlands for this one. redskins down 10-0 in the second quarter. jason campbell with good protection but he doesn't step up far enough in the pocket. osi umenyiora makes the tag. he causes the fumble. then it's the scoop and score. he ain't going to chase umenyiora. he runs the 40 in about 4.6. just before halftime, the redskins setting up for a field goal, or are they? the holder, hunter smith going to the end zone. it's a fake kick, great, gutsy call. eight-yard touchdown. that makes it 17-7 at the half. but in the end, the redskins could never really close that gap. 23-17 was the final. jim zorn, what did you think about the game? >> i think our guys did what we asked them to do coming out
reaching an unwelcome milestone. dan hellie wraps it all up in your sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minutetarts with the nationals who for one night at least avoided their 100th loss of the season. with the game tied at 4 in the bottom of the ninth, how about pinch-hitter pete orr stepping up to the plate and delivering. just deep enough for justin maxwell to score the game-winning run. the nationals come back to beat the dodgers 5-4 in dramatic fashion. dodgers and nats back in action later tonight. >>> some interesting happenings. at redskins park yesterday. jason campbell said everyone on the team putting too much pressure on themselves. clinton portis says everyone in the organization is on the hot seat, including the owner, who's on the brink of losing fans. all of this as the redskins prepare for the detroit lions, a team that has not won a game since 2007. >>> preseason hockey at verizon last night, caps hosting the blackhawks. new capital mike knuble scored two goals. they downed the blackhawks 6-2. that's your sports minute. i'm dan hellie. everybody
by florida a&m's punt wizardry. >> the nats have a golden glove moment. dan hellie wraps it up for you in your sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute start was the nationals. once again the phillies, their pitcher own the nats batters. last night it was cole hamels who took a perfect game into the sixth inning. hamels struck out ten before his perfect game was broken up. ryan zimmerman made the catch of the week on a foul ball. sacrificing his body, going over the tarp for the out. certainly gold glove worthy. but in the end, it wasn't enough. the nationals lose to the phillies 4-2. >>> howard down in tallahassee taking on florida a&m. it was not pretty for the bison. howard punting, and how about this for a lucky bounce? leroy van, fumbles it, gets it right back, races to far sideline and the little dude can fly. 5'9" and he's gone. a 66-yard punt return, his second punt return for a touchdown in the game. a&m downs horde 48-10. >>> on the hardwood, mystics at comcast center last night, starting their first round playoff series indiana. in tend, too much tamika
. the nats are still struggling. dan hellie wraps it all up now in your sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. the redskins back on the practice field getting ready for the rams on sunday. one player was a bit giddy. fullback mike sellers rewarded with a two-year contract extension after his pro bowl season last year. sellers receives a $600,000 signing bonus as part of the new deal. >>> baseball time. nationals now 3-14 against the phillies this season. last night, jason wirth blasted a grand slam in the bottom of the seventh to secure an easy win for the phillies. they are now 11 wins away from locking up their third straight division titles. >>> the o's hose tipping the rays, bottom of the ninth, the game is tied at 2. not anymore. the rookie matt wieters is the hero, a walk-off two hundred home run, his seventh homer of the year. the o's win in dramatic fashion. 4-2 is t final. >>> sad sports note. ncaa president myles brand has died after his battle with pancreatic cancer. brand was 67 years old. >>> that's your sports minute. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great day. >> it
in a row. here's dan hellie with the morning's sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute begins with the nationals who lost their 100th game of the season last night. the nats almost rallied back from a 4-0 deficit but one play cost them big-time. in the bottom of the eighth, nats down one run, ian desmond sends thshot to right. here comes willie harris. the nats send him home. not a good move. harris out by a mile. the nationals fall 7-6 and that's it. they lose game number 100 for the second straight year. >>> turning now to football and we know there is a changing of the guard at redskins park. we just don't know what that change will be. jim zorn says he will decide on randy thomas' replacement today. either will montgomery or chad rinehart will be the team's new starting right guard. in terms of experience, the redskins not choosing from a horn of plenty. >>> preseason hockey, caps on the road against the rangers. aucoin tied the game at 2 in the second period but then in the third, the rangers get a soft goal when higgins pokes it in for the game-winner. the
, dan hellie standing by. washington nationals getting ready to probably hit another milestone. >> let's hope not, dan. >> we don't know for sure. >> oh, come on, dan. >> it's inevitable, but maybe not necsarily tonight? >> yeah. i think it's going to happen at some point. it's a milestone few teams are unlucky enough to reach, nationals trying to avoid their 100 loss for the second season in arow. last year they led all of major league baseball with 102 losses. barring a modern day miracle, they will probably beat that mark this year with 12 games left in the regular season. last night, if that was any indication, going to be tough to get a win tonight. they were no match for the dodgers. bottom third, nationals down 1-0. adam dunne changes that in a hurry. dude's been doing this all year. another moon shot. this time a two-run home run that gives the nationals a 2-1 lead. his 38th of the season. dunne is two homers shy of his sixth consecutive 40-homer caaign. hernandez didn't have it. top of the fourth, tied at 2-2. bases loaded for dodgers. rafael furcal takes advantage. casey blak
are making sure the team esn't forget that either, right dan hellie? >> you hit the nail on the head. if this were college or high school, this would be a homecoming game because the redskins are so heavily favored over the rams. the rams are terrible. they were terrible last year, but we certainly remember what happened last year, don't we? the redskins lost to the rams last year. redskins came onto that game riding high with a 4-1 record. freak plays like this one gave the rams some momentum. remember pete kendall caught that offline scrimmage? he fumbled. 70 plus yards for the touchdown. rams hold on for the win. greg blotch knows you cannot take the rams or any team lightly. >> this football team bea us here last year. we were 6-1. they came in and beat us in our house. we should remember that and recognize that we can't just assume this is going to be easier. it's not. different problems, but at the same time, problems just the same. >> we can assume this though, if they don't beat the rams, could be big problems for the redskins this year because they do not expect an 0-2 star.
't make it easy. >>> coming up on news4 at 5:00, dan hellie with the latest on the team. and new rule for fans going to the game. >>> here we go. season is getting under way here at home. >>> when news4 at 4:00 continues, an f-bomb blast, a tv actor was -- anchor, rather was ad libbing on the air. >> most parents manage to save just a few thousand dollars a year for their children's college education. we'll have advice to help you make the most of your money. >>> he's the nation's first dog. he's got to have a first-rate groomer, right? >>> they are not just for music anymore. check out and compare the new ipods. >>> paying for college. it's become exorbitant for many families. just yesterday they passed a bill making the government the sole provider of college loans rather than private lenders. while many families rely on loans, some financial experts recommend that parents save for college when the kids are young. in today's nbc news insider report, carmen wong ulrich has tips for getting the most from your college savings investment. >> reporter: it's back to school time and colleg
for the redskins. dan hellie wraps it up in your "sports minute." >>> good morning, everybody. your "sports minute" starts with the nationals and losing streak at seven. that ties their season long. derek mauck gave up six runs in three innings of work. the nats fall to the marlins same two teams today. baltimore, similar story. tillman gave up five runs in six innings and tillman's counterpart with texas, scott feldman p. tied a rangers club record with his 11th road win of the season. rangers beat the o's 5-1. >>> at the u.s. open on the women's side. both venus and serena williams advanced to the fourth round with straight-set victories. on the men's side, number two seed, andy murray advanced to the third round with a four-set win. in football, today cutdown day in the nfl. p.o o keinhehe firal cut. f >> more sports for you later this morning. for now 9:24. 70 degrees. the holiday rush is officially on. thousands of drivers scrambling to get out of town and going nowhere fast. as you look live at the backed up bay bridge that we expect to show you. travel expert will be here to join us. why t
. here is dan hellie. feldman put tape on his back that said he was late because he was working. pret impressive. they showed us tape and the capitals showed off a bunch of skills. pathetic, is what it is. they showed different forms of shooting, including the slap sh shot i couldn't get. anyw, we weren't too successful. capitols' matt bradley said we were entertaining. >> there are some funny moments. i enjoy it, too. being from canada, you don't get too many people who never learned how to skate or play hockey. it's nice to see people who are real beginners to the game and you can teach them tips. >> they also showed us how to hit. once they showed us, they were like, i don't know i want to do this. >> i'm proud of you for showing that tape. >> meaning i'm an idiot? >> it's brave to lace up the skates. >> it was a lot of fun. >>> coming up, centers for disease control releasing new guidelines about who should use anti-viral medicines. >> a guy in pennsylvania calls himself a civil war buff. >>> just a few days into classes for schools. the number of swine flu cases at arsre incasg i
away from home. some of the players may be anxious, too, to see if they can make the cut. dan hellie joins us live from the river city. >> reporter: it's preseason game number four against the jaguars here in jacksonville. it's the final chance for players trying to make this team to showcase themselves. jim zorn said 10 to 12 roster spots still up in the air. there may be plenty of time for the bubble guys to prove their worth here tonight. this is when jobs are on the line for these players tonight is their super bowl. marcus mason is on his third go-around with the skins. he's been their leading rusher each of the last two preseasons. he needs a big game tonight to possibly solidify a spot. there is that third string quarterback battle. coal brennan trying to hold off rookie chase daniel. even though this doesn't mean anything in the win column, it makes everything to young players literally fighting for their nfl careers. >> no matter how good or bad, you never know. you don't know how much they look into it. they see what they are judging, the criteria they are judging by. it's
in with dan hellie who is going to do rewinding to let us see a few things that happened in the past. >> the redskins, as you ow, opening up the season on the road against the giants. as we've seen in the past, playing the meadowlands, not easy forhe skins. time to go old school. it's redskins rewind. it's back. we are looking back at the skins/giants game from 1991. it went down to the wire. october 27, 1991. a day of redemption and comeback. joe gibbs has the redskins at 7-0. the giants are next on the schedule, a team the skins lost to the last six times they played them. in the meadowlands, a repeat performance is under way. new york leads 13-0 at halftime. while the giants' defense is stifling, the skins' offense is trifling. gary clark wants to hide. skins' quarter mark grin looked to 84 in the end zone only to see the ball slip right through his hands. when a receiver drops an easy one like that, you have to go to him again. on another long rout. griffin looked for clark one more time. clark right under it. the jmu grad misses the ball again. time for redemption. third quarter
, indeed. it may be far away, but there is hope. >> thank you, dan hellie. >>> a treasure hunter in britain made what authorities are calling an unparalleled discovery. >>> doctors say early detection is the best defense against many forms of cancer, including prostate cancer. that's why national football league hall of famer mike haynes spoke out this afternoon. haynes joined the american urological foundation as part of a campaign encouraging men to talk to their doctor. >>> there is a staff iing issuet prince george's county. they are citing several recent fires and emergency where there was no one to respond to initial calls for help. dorothy spencer has that call tonight. >> reporter: union leaders are sounding the alarm over staffer shortages affecting fire services in prince george's county. in some cases it's taking longer for firefighters and paramedics to respond toemergencies. >> minutes and even seconds count when it comes to an emergency or a fire environment. we are not aware of any serious injury or loss of life directly related to these incidents. it's always a gamble you ta
the first goal. having some issues is josh wicks. that's your sports minute. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great thursday. >> well, forbes magazine is out with its annual list of the most stressed-out american cities and you're waking up in number nine. the washington area received low marks or four high cost of living and low air quality. out of the 40 metro areas surveyed, however, washington had the lowest unemployment. we rank ninth overall bet cston and san jose,if onnian s jose, california. o chag ricsdwakeans a the most stressed-out city, followed by los angeles andewrk yo. austin, texas, w thetos m relaxed city. does that surprise you, joe? >> not at all. austin seems like a wonderful place, nice university town. >> a lot of people really like living there. let's take a look at traffic and weather. >> nice plays to be now with the ather we're having. >> we're off to another unusually cool start this morning, now 62 in washington from anacostia to glendale, temperatures are in the upper 50s. farther to our west, upper 40s and low 50s. the view from space, a few high clouds driftin
. >> the nationals win in dramatic fashion by beating the marlins 5-4. dan hellie has those stories and more in this morning's sports minute. >> good labor day morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with the redskins. today the team back to field for the first time since the rosters were cut down to 53 on saturday. chase daniel not added to the redskins practice squad. he signed with thesaints. meanwhile, the redskins did sign a quarterback, andre woodson. he played at kentucky. he was cut by the giants. >>> to baseball. the nationals finally broke that eight-game losing streak. ryan zimmerman hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth to beat the marlins. it was zim's 28th of the year. the nationals take a 5-4 victory. they are off today. >>> in tennis, venus williams out at the u.s. open. kim clijsters, who took more than 2 1/2 years off from tennis to be a mom beat venus in three sets. clijsters bageled venus in the first set and venus returned the favor in the second. clijsters took the third 6-4. >>> in golf, steve stricker in a three way tie heading into the final round
questionable play calling in the red zone. as for talks on the w dan hellie took the pulse of the players. >> it's called winning ugly. i had also called a rarity. the first times the redskins have won a game when scoring fewer than ten points since 2005. they moved the ball well offensively. four clock-eating drives. they justed allergic to the end zone. >> i can wave all kinds of magic wands but i got to come up with the right play and put our guys in the right position. >> we have so much momentum once we get down there and then it's like we'll do one play that doesn't work and then the momentum just dies down and we can't capitalize on it. >> you can't say you didn't do what you had to do. we go out there and had a turnover and didn't get nothing out of it we'll be talking about that, too. we gave the kicker a chance to get his feet a little warmed up and hoping next week weapon can let him kick extra points. >> we won, but we won in such an ugly fashion that you don't even really take pride in that win. this was a great team. hats off to them. everybody knows that. this wasn't the sa
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